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    What can employing an apprentice do for my business?

    Apprenticeships are an excellent way of re-invigorating your workforce and improving your bottom line. It can provide you with enthusiastic employees with the skills to have a lasting and positive impact on your company.

    Apprentices don’t have to be new employees either; existing employees can begin an apprenticeship, which will enable them to receive advanced technical training and gain a formal qualification whilst still contributing to your business.

    Companies that employ apprentices see an increase in retention and loyalty, which means that apprenticeships can form the cornerstone of your recruitment policy. Apprentices can be valuable to businesses of any size, whether you are a sole trader, a small to medium enterprise or a multinational organisation.

    Our Apprenticeship Team can help you with funding, grants and provide a free recruitment service in order to match you with a suitable apprentice.

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    Higher and Degree Apprenticeships

    Higher and degree apprenticeships offer a unique way of developing professional level, job specific skills while remaining in employment and earning a salary.

    You will have the opportunity to achieve graduate and postgraduate level qualifications with a chance to become a member of professional bodies too.

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