• Doing Business with South Devon College

South Devon College currently uses a wide range of suppliers. We have contracts in place to cover the main goods and services that we purchase, however we always encourage businesses interested in supplying our College in order to help us fulfil our mission and do the best by our community.

We believe in strong relationships with our suppliers of goods and services. Our regular procedure involves the issue of a Purchase Order from our Financial System in order for you to then provide us with an Invoice, including that Purchase Order. Further information can be reviewed in the College Procurement Strategy. 

Tender opportunity for the Hi Tech & Digital Centre

We are tendering for a contract for the Provision of AV equipment for the Screening Suite and Studio. This tender is available on the e-tendering site, multiquote and will also be advertised on Contracts Finder. The procurement documents, reference CA5886, are available from https://suppliers.multiquote.com. Any queries, please contact the Multiquote helpdesk on 0151 482 9230

Please have a look at our:

Standard Terms and Conditions for Purchase of Goods 

Standard Terms and Conditions for Purchase of Services

Supplier Payment Performance 2016-17.

Supplier Payment Performance 2017-18

Supplier Payment Performance 2018-19

Supplier Payment Performance 2019-20

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