• Our Learning Culture

The South Devon College learning culture promotes five core values through teaching, learning and assessment; progress of learners, inclusion, aspiration, innovation and support for learners.


  • Learners can make effective use of their targets and enjoy challenges
  • Learners make progress with their maths and English
  • Learners make effective use of their feedback following assessment and gain confidence through their learning

How do we do it?

Through our bespoke Leap system, students are able to monitor and analyse their own progress via online reviews and targets. These are maintained by the teaching staff and created by the learners themselves. Parents of under-18s are also able to access information for their own children.

Parent evenings are held with the lecturers and teaching staff. We undertake several course reviews throughout the year to develop and update not only the course programme, but the resources required to provide excellent education.

Our recently introduced online appraisal system for staff, welcomes targets and goals that can be set and reviewed with managers, supported by a professional development programme that leads to motivated and challenged individuals.


  • Learners want to succeed and show a keen interest in acquiring the knowledge and skill to achieve their next steps with employment or further study
  • Learners take pride in their achievement

How do we do it?

The learning journey is an opportunity for individuals to fulfil their potential and progress to higher levels of study with a goal of finding relevant, valued employment that utilises the skills learnt regardless of circumstance, disposition or aptitude.

Guest speakers that include ex-students, visit regularly to pass on advice and inspire and give vision to our learners. This attitude is carried across the college though various exhibitions and award ceremonies throughout the year.


  • Learners treat each other and their tutor with respect
  • Learners know the appropriate way to behave
  • Learners show respect for different opinion, values or cultures
  • Learners welcome everyone in the group

How do we do it?

Our campus is a place where respect to all individuals is genuine. Every person can feel safe and included.

The views of our students help us to move forward quickly and highlight areas of development; from catering ideas through to the subjects we deliver. Students can have their say through suggestion boxes, online surveys and video interviews.

Our outcome data has been developed to highlight achievement gaps between all groups of learners and is regarded by staff as an important tool in creating a positive learning environment, without barriers.

We aspire to be leaders in the field of technological accessibility, making the campus an inclusive place for all, where independence can be nurtured.


  • Learners are open to new ways of learning, keen to exploit the possibilities of new learning technology and make the most of new media
  • Learners embrace new methods of delivery and assessment

How do we do it?

Innovation is encouraged by all, and leads to a motivated, challenging, aspirational environment. New ideas can be found around every corner, from modern OFSTED recognised good practice uses of technology to a regional centre in renewable energy.

Our teaching and learning is built around innovation, with internationally renowned speakers in the field offering seminars to lecturers on the latest approaches to working in the classroom. Schemes involving peer observations encourage teaching staff to innovate.


  • Learners make effective use of any opportunities for peer learning and independent study
  • Learners enhance their knowledge or skills using curriculum support where required or through coaching activities
  • Learners keep each other safe

How do we do it?

A dedicated professional team is on hand to help all of our learners and staff with their individual needs.

All full-time students have their own Personal Tutor to make sure support is in place with any study problems. They can provide advice on careers and personal problems.

The Helpzone team offers information, advice and guidance to all and will help with writing and developing CVs, job interview preparation and career support. They are also the place to go to find out if you are entitled to any additional support and help not only here at College, but with accommodation, travel and childcare.

Our highly inclusive pastoral support team is available to all of our learners and staff, ensuring total commitment to safeguarding.

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