Courses: Uniformed Public Services

Uniformed Public Services

Our Uniformed Public Services courses at South Devon College are designed to help you prepare for a rewarding career in the uniformed public services, learning from experienced service men and women who know what it takes to gain employment in the emergency, military and other related forces.

The highly qualified teaching team with many years of experience in the public service, including active service in Northern Ireland, Iraq and Afghanistan. Our teaching team have worked as submariners, helicopter pilots and technicians, infantry and police officers, which means that they are perfectly placed to advise you in your career and know from experience what it takes to succeed.

At South Devon College, we know what the public services seek in potential recruits and we work hard to help you prepare you physically and mentally. The qualification you work towards is only a small part of your learning; these are personal development courses that encourage and instil core values of ‘Reliability’, ‘Responsibility’ and ‘Respect’ and ‘Resilience’, key qualities that all employers look for that extend beyond the four walls of the classroom.

Whether you’re interested in the Fire Service, Police or the Armed Forces the vocational experiences we provide, and the knowledge of our teaching staff is exceptional, our contacts with relevant employers are unparalleled. We encourage you to stretch yourself, and together help you to achieve and exceed your potential, so apply today and see what you are truly capable of

Public services students stood in front of 'police do not cross' tape.