Art student working on mannequin.
10th July 2018

Art and Design

A Level Art and Design has been designed for a wide range of candidates and provides engaging and innovative learning experiences where art, craft and design practice is meaningfully integrated…

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You will spend around three hours a week learning underpinning theory, a further hour and a half applying this knowledge to practical scenarios, and an hour a week participating in…

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Business student working at her computer.

Business Studies

A Level Business runs over two years and encourages learners to develop an enthusiasm for studying business, whilst gaining a holistic understanding of business in a range of contexts. The…

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Student holding glass flask and smiling.


Throughout this course you will discover the importance of research and experimentation in chemistry whilst working in our well-equipped laboratories, with fully qualified chemists who have industrial experience to support…

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Student writing in book.

English Language

In A Level English Language all kinds of texts are examined, from cartoon-strips and food labels to political speeches and song lyrics. The focus of this course is the detailed…

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Map of the world.


A Level Geography runs over two years and incorporates many key and current issues in physical and human Geography. You will study 6 modules spread over two years, as well…

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Calculator placed on table.

Further Maths

During this new, linear A Level you will develop a deeper understanding of mathematical principles and techniques, as you learn additional core and applied topics that will broaden your knowledge…

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Environmental Science

Learners will be studying the AQA Environmental Science Syllabus. Studying Environmental Science enables students to gain a deep and well-informed insight into the environment, and the scientific processes that control…

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Thought bubble with light bulb inside.


The A Level in Philosophy and Ethics is a two year programme. You will study modules relating to the philosophy of religion and ethics, and the development of Christian thought….

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Student using a calculator.


A Level Mathematics is the essential maths course for building on your GCSE understanding. A Level Mathematics opens doors into rewarding careers in many disciplines and offers insight into the…

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