2nd December 2019

The African Art Expo, based in The Old Biscuit Factory, London, ran from Friday 22nd November 2019 to Thursday 28th November 2019 and saw South Devon College’s own Art lecturer, Pawel Szymanski, not just attend but exhibit his work there too.

Art Number 23, the art company occupying The Old Biscuit Factory, has only been around since being founded in 2016 but is already one of the biggest art hubs in London.

A while back, Pav was exhibiting a different piece here before which he painted live at the gallery so it is great to see that he has a continually developing connection with the industry and this gallery in particular. You can see more about the last piece of work he produced here.

Congratulations on your success Pav. We look forward to seeing the next great story about your art!


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