19th June 2019

At South Devon College, staff and tutors often lead strong profiles in the industry alongside their careers in teaching. Programme Coordinator for Art and Design, Pawel Szymanski, had his artwork submitted to ‘Average Art Magazine’. Following this, Pav was pleased to discover his work had been chosen to be featured in the June edition of the magazine. Average Art Magazine is industry focused and is sent to a number of different art organisations in the so that featured artists gain more recognition for their work.

Pav had produced this piece at the Art Number 23 gallery. Art Number 23, is a London-based Gallery, located at the Old Biscuit Factory, mainly responsible for curating art exhibitions inside the U.K. and overseas. The aim is to create opportunities in order to encourage and support artists from all over the world to exhibit and promote their work.

The painting was produced live in front of an audience at the gallery which certainly puts a bit of pressure on but didn’t have an impact on his great work. What is surprising is that Pav didn’t submit the work himself to Average Art Magazine. Someone else had seen it and submitted it on his behalf and the magazine got in touch to inform him of his success.

The magazine will be published soon and can be bought online here.

A big congratulations to Pav for this achievement and we look forward to seeing what comes out of this success.

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