Courses: Science


Do you have a real interest in Science? Can you see yourself working in a Science career? Here at South Devon College, we offer a range of science courses to help you gain the skills and knowledge you need to move into employment in the Science Sector. We are very proud of our outstanding science laboratory facilities and resources which mean that you get a high quality, varied and practical learning experience. We offer a range of courses; some are very specialist and others provide a broad range of science subjects so you can decide which field you would most like to work in. All of our science courses offer opportunities to progress onto undergraduate degree programmes, including our own suite of Science foundation degrees in Bioscience, accredited by the Royal Society of Biology, and Animal Science; you can even top up to a BSc in Applied Animal Science at University Centre South Devon. There are also apprenticeship opportunities in Science if you would like get paid to work alongside your studies.

Student holding glass flask at eye level.