• Tips for pet owners on bonfire night

5th November 2020

It’s the 5th November and you know what that means. The evening sky will be filled with beautiful colours and lights from fireworks. But the one issue that this has is the distress it can cause animals and pets.

So below, the Animal Care team at South Devon College have put together a few tips to help you and your pets through what will be a noisy night and potentially over the coming days where fireworks continue through the weekend.

Pet owners can:

  • Walk dogs early (before dark)
  • Keep cats inside
  • If you have a rabbit or other pet that lives in the garden, ensure they are safe in their hutch with plenty of bedding. Where possible bring them inside for the night
  • Provide plenty of safe “hiding places” around your house for your pets
  • Ensure windows and curtains are closed
  • Turn the TV or radio up to help disguise the sound
  • Where possible stay at home to provide your pet with comfort and treats

If you are partaking in bonfire night:

  • Warn neighbours of your firework displays
  • Check wood piles/bonfires for garden visitors like hedgehogs

So everyone, enjoy yourselves but also take care with all these furry friends we have around us.

Thank you again to the College Animal Care team for taking the time to put together this advice for everyone.

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