12th February 2020

On Friday 7th February, South Devon College hosted the Major Series 2020 competition which saw a huge rate of success amongst students from the College.

In conjunction with The Craft Guild Culinary Academy, Major Series 2020 is the UK’s premier young chef competition. The competition is a great opportunity for up and coming chefs to showcase their skills and get a taste for the competition arena, giving them the chance to compete against their peers and use products they’ll come into contact with in the future.

With the competition growing year on year, it really is an invaluable experience taking part and with support from Major and the Craft Guild of Chefs, our students could go on to compete at national and international levels which would be a fantastic boost to their careers.

The College saw a range of students from various colleges compete across the 12 different classes that make up the competition but South Devon College students led the way securing the following awards in total.

Gold 9
Silver 17
Bronze 13
Merit 4
Best in class 8

A huge congratulations is deserved to every student that took part and impressed all the judges with their talent. It was an exciting event to be a part of and the food that was produced was exquisite.

Full details of the students that won each award and for what class are below:

Hot Chicken Challenge
Tom McCaig  Gold
James Kinghorn  Gold
Ben Hollingshead  Merit
Street Food
Jasmine Griffiths  Gold Best in Class
Jack Bedford  Gold
Max Cassidy  Gold
Louie Willcot  Gold
Cody Bridgeman  Silver
Jonathan Faife Bronze
Byron Heath Bronze
Sophie-May Hodges Bronze
Brandon Else  Merit
Ollie Gibbs  Merit
Ben Hollingshead  Merit
Pasta Challenge
Shannon Kingdon Silver Best in Class
Live Skills Class
Sophie Vokins  Gold Best in Class
Ollie Gibbs  Silver
Nikita McKenzie  Silver
Plated Starter
Jonathan Faife Bronze Best in Class
William Baker Bronze
Decorated Gateau
Sophie Vokins Gold Best in Class
Nikita McKenzie Gold
Ellena Hellings Bronze
Afternoon Tea Display
Ben Hardy Bronze Best in Class
Aleisha Murphy Bronze
Bread and Viennoiseries
Laura Foy Silver Best in Class
William Baker Silver
Glen Cutler Silver
Charlotte Miller Silver
Jonah Prowse Silver
Team Petit Four Challenge
Amber Moore, Jasmine Adshead Silver
Charlotte Miller, Jack Bedford Silver
Ellena Hellings, Asha Lloyd-Hoare Silver
Restaurant Skills Challenge
Jasmine Griffiths Silver Best in Class
Assorted Beverage Challenge
Josh Ellis Silver
Archie Holmes Silver
Christina Knight Silver
Nicola Threadgould Silver
Britney Coles Bronze
Emily Shabotenko Bronze
Jasmine Adshead Bronze
Jacob Farnsworth Bronze
Amber Moore Bronze

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