• Staff get gunged to raise money for Children In Need

15th November 2019

The Street in the main campus saw four members of staff have gunge poured over them as a result of incorrectly answering a series of questions. Although, getting the answers right didn’t save anyone from getting gunged in the end.

The staff that took part in this were Gabe Akintunde, Celeste Powell, Simon Holden and Head of High School, Jamie Cree. Making themselves the subject of laughter was well worth it though, raising almost £300 for Children In Need.

Across all the different activities happening around the College, students managed to raise a grand total £1012.58!

For those that missed the gunging, here are some highlights.

Well done to those that were gunged and thank you to all those that donated to Children In Need. The money will make a huge difference to those with less fortunate circumstances.

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