31st October 2019

Construction students have been dedicating Wednesday afternoons to this project and are thoroughly enjoying it. This experience will help them as they move forward in obtaining their apprenticeships. They are learning new skills how to use a variety of power tools along the way, such as a pillar drill, electric router, and sander.

They started to make the eight main supports which was done by cutting mortise and tenon joints so they are strong and will last. The supports were glued and extra dowel joints were placed for more strength. The main supports have all been made using traditional methods of mortise and tenon joints, then sanded to create a smooth finish. The supports were then fitted and small round timber pellets were used to cover all of the screw heads.

A big thank you is deserved for the fantastic back panels that were wonderfully painted by pupils from All Saints Marsh Academy. Also, Brewers and InterLine supplied a range of materials between them for our students to use that has resulted in this fine display of craftsmanship.

The students have really enjoyed making the bench so far and have learnt many new skills as a result.  Construction will be finished in the community area of Golden Lion Square, Newton Abbot, so that the bench can be fixed together around a tree. The grand reveal is set for the 11th November at 12pm.

Well done to all the students, staff, and businesses involved in this project. It’s great to see the construction department continue to create for and develop the community with their skills.

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