23rd September 2019

On Friday 20th September, South Devon College staff and students came together to clear litter off the streets surrounding the main building of the College. On their patrol, they also displayed what pledges of action they will take in their day to day lives to reduce their impact on the environment.

Together, students and staff collected 25 bags of litter and waste that had been discarded. It came as a surprise to those taking part that there is that much waste that isn’t disposed of properly or recycled with the climate crisis being such a priority to address right now.

South Devon College are committed to being as sustainable as possible and are always pursuing environmentally friendly changes they can make so that running the College doesn’t harm the environment.

With the positive atmosphere that came from the day’s activity, students and staff at the College are eager and excited to do more activities in the near future to do their bit to stop climate change.

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