10th September 2019

As you may be aware, South Devon College has now launched a new app that will completely transform student life here at the College. It is part of our vision and plan, in light of our investment in the Hi Tech & Digital Centre, that we start utilising digital opportunities to develop and improve the student experience. All updates and everything you need to know about your course and what’s happening at the College can all be found in SDConnect.

This app is accessible exclusively to South Devon College, South Devon High School, and University Centre South Devon students.

To go into a bit more depth about what this app can do, here are our top features:


Communicate with your peers and tutors

Communication is key and SDConnect makes it easier than ever to stay in touch with classmates and your tutors. Groups have been set up for you and your classes so you are all ready to go as soon as you open the app. In these groups you can post openly with your class, including your tutor, and you can also directly message staff and students. So, if you’re struggling with something you’re revising, for example, you can ask in the group where others can comment and react to your post and then your tutor can directly message you to provide you with the information you need to help.


Access your timetable on the go

Long gone are the days where you are having to make sure you don’t lose your printed timetable or have to be at a computer to view it. You’ll always have it with you now.


Share ideas and collaborate

With SDConnect, anyone can make a group and as mentioned already, groups are a great platform to communicate with your class. But you can make a group for anything. You can make a group for a specific trip that you’re booked to go on or a group for your interests and hobbies. You can post messages, images, and videos into these groups so that you can share your ideas and thoughts with those you need to. These groups can then be deleted when you don’t need them any more.


Receive real-time updates

You won’t miss a thing. SDConnect will provide you with notifications when people post in groups, message you, or connect with you, just like most social media. However, the app can also let you know when College is closed in extreme weather, if you’ve had a room change for your upcoming lesson, or if there are any events you’ve signed up for that are happening soon.


Find out all the latest offers and events

SDConnect also showcases the vast range of benefits available when studying at South Devon College, like bursaries, TOTUM student discount, travel passes from Stagecoach, gym membership, access to Office 365, as well as other offers and events at the College.


This is just a brief overview of what the app can do but there are many more possibilities for you to discover.

The app can be downloaded for FREE to your device via:

The App Store


Google Play Store

There is also a desktop version available via this link


If you have any questions please email [email protected] or connect with us on our social channels.

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