21st December 2018

South Devon College’s Paignton campus was brought to life in artistic fashion by the creative efforts of a talented group of Art Foundation Diploma Level 3 and 4 students with their vibrant exhibition.

Filling the College’s ‘Gallery’ space, the walk-through exhibition displayed a variety of different themed pieces, showcasing the impressive levels of creative flair and skill amongst the current College art students.

Given full creative licence to express themselves using a variety of methods such as sculpture, 3D visualisation, interior design and animation – the results of the students work made for dynamic visual results.

Jasmine McMullen with her project on ‘Image’

Jasmine McMullen (18 from Torquay) said, “My piece on ‘image’ focuses on personal image and how there’s often a disconnect between how we may view ourselves to that of the opinion of others. I’ve used a mixture of visual aids to help reflect the image pressures society can bring to an individual from social media influences to cosmetic surgery and so on. Taking part in this year’s exhibition has helped me develop a lot of my own skills, comparing my work in this year’s exhibition to last year, it’s clear to see the level of personal growth I’ve made”.

Connor Green with his project on ‘Space’

Connor Green (20 from Paignton) said, “As a novice to art, up until this year my background was solely in catering which requires a complete different set of skills. Working on my project for this exhibition has been great. As a result I’ve discovered a creative way of working using materials such as clay, plaster and wood. The theme of my installation was ‘space’, touching on the sparse population of people who’ve travelled north of the atmosphere and the void often left between two objects. I chose to use 3D visuals to best express my ideas”.

Ellise Parry with her animation on ‘Equilibrium’

Ellise Parry (19 from Paignton) added, “For the exhibition we were all given full creative independence to choose the best way to express our ideas, and I chose to use animation. Focusing on the theme of ‘equilibrium’, my piece touches on the balance medication can bring to mind of a suffering person, comparing the pre-medicated chaotic state of an individual to that of the post-medicated sense of peace a patient can find”.

Acting as an interim assessment for the Foundation Diploma students, the exhibition will go a long way in determining each student’s level of registration for next year in progression of the course accredited by the University of the Arts London (UAL).

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