• How to Apply to South Devon High School

There are 6 simple steps to applying to start at South Devon High School….

  1. Enquire

Call South Devon High School on 01803 540332 or complete the form below. We also advise you also book a place at the next Parent Information Evening to learn more about the High School.

  1. Meet us

Following the Parent Information Evening, we will book you into a one-to-one appointment with either the Head or Deputy Head on a Wednesday between 3.30pm-6.00pm, to discuss how we can meet your needs

  1. Assessment

Your child will then be invited to attend a Cognitive Ability Assessment, which will take place in March 2021.

  1. Offer

If successful, a conditional place at South Devon High School will be offered

  1. Taster day

If the place is accepted your child will then be invited to attend a mandatory taster day in June 2021 to familiarise themselves with the curriculum and expectations at South Devon High School

  1. Enrolment

Your child will start South Devon High School at the start of year 10 in early September 2021