• Uniform and Bus Passes

Uniform and Bus Passes

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South Devon High School Pupils

We want pupils to take pride in their appearance, and we believe that uniform can help portray a positive student image and a shared culture around school. We also recognise that strict traditional uniform can present a barrier to some learners, particularly in a college environment. Pupils and parents also tell us that they prefer a more relaxed approach to school uniform.

At South Devon High School, the uniform consists of a polo shirt or hooded Jumper.  We ask students to wear uniform when it is appropriate to do so, and clear guidance will be given to pupils and parents. Examples of this include, when on employer visits or trips, during specific curriculum related activities specified by teachers, or on other occasions when representing the High School. Students are not required to wear their uniform at all times, in all lessons, or in and around the college at break times.

Guidance for lower body clothing:

All clothing must be ‘appropriate’, for example skirts must not be shorter than knee length. There are no prescribed trousers or skirts for our pupils. However, pupils are asked to adhere to a general rule whereby lower body clothing must be black or charcoal/dark grey. Here are a few points to note:

  • Footwear must be wholly or mainly black and may include trainers
  • It will remain the School’s decision on the appropriateness of non-prescribed clothing

The following items are not permitted as part of pupils’ uniform:

  • Leggings on their own (permitted with shorts/skirts)
  • Mini-skirts or similar
  • Excessive jewellery, for example that which could pose a health or safety risk, which pupils will be asked to remove.

For Activity and Wellbeing (PE) sessions there will be no prescribed uniform. This is designed to make students feel more comfortable in the sessions. Clothing should be appropriate for the activity and not pose a health or safety risk. Jeans will not be permitted and appropriate footwear must be worn, for example trainers or plimsolls.