• Pupil Premium

Pupil Premium funding was introduced in 2011 in response to evidence that those who are or have been eligible for Free School Meals have consistently lower attainment than those who have never been eligible for Free School Meals. Whilst schools can individually determine how this funding is spent, in accordance with each eligible child’s needs, they are held accountable for the achievement of disadvantaged pupils through Ofsted inspections and performance tables.

How we use pupil premium to raise achievement at South Devon High School

Schools are accountable for how they use the additional pupil premium funding to support pupils from low-income families and the other target groups. South Devon High School has closely analysed both national research and local knowledge about what makes the biggest difference in narrowing the attainment gap between pupils in receipt of the Pupil Premium and all pupils nationally.

The initiatives below demonstrate how South Devon High School uses our Pupil Premium funding to maximise achievement.

  • More intensive support with smaller than standard class sizes in every subject, to accelerate progress for all pupils. All academic subjects are taught in classes of no more than 15 pupils. The maximum class size for vocational subjects is 18.
  • Full time curriculum support assistant who works exclusively with South Devon High School pupils, to help raise attainment standards.
  • Targeted individual tuition from subject specialist teachers to support progress in specific curriculum areas.
  • Additional small group tuition in English and mathematics to help pupils reach their potential.
  • Academic Coaches support pupils by setting and monitoring very clear and challenging targets, systematically monitoring their progress against success criteria.
  • Extending the day for targeted pupils in the form of a supported study session run by the academic coaches and curriculum support assistants.
  • Specific supported study interventions to improve handwriting, reading and maths.
  • Investment in new laptop computers and tablets which individual pupils can use in and out of lessons to support learning.
  • Using funding to pay for specific enrichment opportunities which develop learners’ confidence and self-esteem.
  • Providing additional resources for example reading material to encourage reading for fun.
  • A student welfare team who provide support for pupils to maximise their attendance, and solve issues that present barriers to attendance.

If your child has been eligible currently or has been eligible within the last six years for Free School Meals, South Devon High School can access Pupil Premium funding. This will enable us to implement targeted support to raise your child’s attainment. Please note that we can only access Pupil Premium funding if you notify us that your child is eligible by completing and returning the ‘Pupil Premium – Do You Qualify?’ attached form. This is a confidential process.

Further information about Pupil Premium can be found on the Government website.