• Parent Feedback

Please have a look at the below quotes gathered from various current parents of South Devon High School pupils:

”We couldn’t get him to go to school, now he jumps out of bed in the morning.”

“He would hide under the table, now he even walks taller – proud to be part of South Devon High School.”

“She hated school. She was bullied and victimised, now she smiles every day.”

“I love the atmosphere – everyone is so much more relaxed.”

“My son so far has really enjoyed his experience and loves being part of this new High School experience.”

“The best decision we’ve made for our daughter’s education. Hopefully there will be space for her brother next September!”

“Our son has found the school very welcoming, helpful and he feels safe in his environment – excellent first impressions! He has settled in well and is very happy to be at the school. He is very impressed with lesson formats and teachers and feels that he is going to achieve here.”

“My daughter had a clear idea of what she wanted to be able to attain and it was explained fully that this would be possible. I found the direct emails very helpful. We spent a lot of time asking questions to make sure we were on the right track. She hasn’t been this happy at school since leaving Primary School.”

“It is the first time he’s been happy to get up in the morning to go to school!”

“Thank you for giving me my daughter back!”

“I would recommend South Devon High School to others – smaller focused classes, seems a great advantage. So far my daughter is enjoying it, finds she is well supported and the focus is on her education, not clothes, make up etc.”

“I get the impression that my daughter is much happier at South Devon High School with more support due to smaller class sizes. I am hoping that my other daughters can go to South Devon High School when they are old enough.”

“I’ve never seen him so enthusiastic about school!”

“The initial pre-application appointment helped me understand that the curriculum and aspirations of the school matched my child’s needs in that they needed smaller classes to succeed. There have been plenty of welcome events, emails and letters. My child seems very settled and comfortable. I am very pleased that the High School offers the ‘Homework Club’.”