Boy designing games on an Apple Mac
1st April 2019

Creative Digital Design*

*This programme is subject to approval. This foundation degree has been designed to provide you with the necessary knowledge and skills to enable you to play a significant role in…

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13th February 2018

Computing – Systems and Software Engineering Diploma

The Computing programme at Level 1 is best suited to you if you are considering a career in computing. The course covers a broad and fundamental range of computing topics…

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Hands typing on laptop.
7th August 2017

Computing – Hardware, Networking and Systems Security Diploma

The world of computing is always changing. The hardware we use gets ever faster and more powerful, making things we couldn’t have imagined ten years ago possible today. If you…

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Student looking at computer monitor
4th August 2017

Computing Technologies – Systems, Networking and Software Engineering

This course will introduce you to so many different areas of computing, helping you kickstart your career, where you’ll push technology to its limits and drive what is possible with…

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Boy designing games on an Apple Mac

Games and Interactive Design

This foundation degree concentrates on the technical and artistic use of digital interactive technologies to create games and mobile apps. It provides you with access to a range of software…

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Digital and technology solutions student working on the computer.
18th July 2017

Digital and Technology Solutions

This practical, hands-on programme gives you a solid core of Digital and IT expertise that is totally applicable to needs of industry today. Apprentices obtain a full honours degree alongside…

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Students sat working on computers learning about e-safety.

Computing – Software Engineering and Web Development Diploma

This course is perfect for you if you are interested in a career in database, website, mobile or desktop application development. The Level 3 programme provides you with the skills…

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27th June 2017


In the current digitally dependent global economy, it is predicted that the digital skills shortage will continue to worsen, requiring new and talented individuals in various sectors such as cybersecurity,…

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