15th August 2019

If you’ve opened up your A Level results to find things aren’t quite as good as you need to get into university or you’ve simply changed your mind about what you want to do after your studies, then knowing about how Clearing works is really important.

To help clear things up about Clearing, we’ve put together some tips to break down how you can get back on track to studying a degree.


1. Check UCAS

Before anything, make sure you check UCAS so that you know what offers are on the table before you dive into the open sea of possibilities with Clearing.


2. Have a backup plan

If you haven’t quite got your choices for university but you still really want to go, Clearing is the option that can help with this. Spaces are limited so you do have to be quick but remember, university is the next three years of your life so don’t make a decision too quickly. Instead, do a little bit of research to try and work out some other options and other universities you would like to go to.


3. Don’t be disappointed if you don’t get your first choice

Obviously, you have every intention to do what you can to get a place at your first choice university. But your other choices have good things about them too which is why they’re on your list. Remember those good things and chances are you’ll love the experience of university.


4. Chat with your teachers and family

As much as you may think you’re on your own when you don’t get into university, you really aren’t. Talk to people around you to get some perspective on what other options are out there and teachers can point you in the right direction to apply for places in Clearing at universities.


5. Call our Clearing Advice Line

Once you’ve done all of the above, get on the phone to 08000 21 31 81 and we can see what courses are available for you at University Centre South Devon.

Remember, university isn’t the only route to a successful career. There are a range of other options you can pursue such as higher or degree apprenticeships, employment, or setting up your own business, all of which South Devon College can help you with.


For more information about Clearing, visit our Clearing page on our website at www.southdevon.ac.uk. If you have any questions about your other options, email [email protected] or call our award-winning Helpzone team on 08000 380 123.

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