4th July 2019

South Devon College were honoured to host the first ever Changing Horizons event in the South West which saw local secondary schools get an insight into what Civil Service careers are available to them and what path they can take to get to those dream jobs of theirs.

Changing Horizons was designed to raise the aspirations of young people, and has run successfully in the North West for a number of years.

It’s an important event for Civil Service Local, which contributes to the vision of A Brilliant Civil Service by supporting both our staff and citizens to build skills. It also showcases the Civil Service as a great place to work in the South West.

On Thursday 27th June, 120 school children attended the event run by the Civil Service Local South West at South Devon College. Year 8 students from St Cuthbert Mayne, Torquay Academy and Paignton Community and Sports Academy came along to be inspired by the wide range of career options available in the sector.

The students that attended had many great things to say about the different things happening throughout the day:

“I learnt about 3D printers and the day has taught me a lot of things about my future” 

“I have learnt today that when I’m older, I want to become part of the Navy”

The idea of the event was to expose the opportunities and possibilities of jobs in the local area that they might not be aware of as well as helping develop new soft skills which the students would be able to use across a range of careers.

“I have enjoyed the multiple activities and opportunities I have had today”

“I have learnt that construction use VR to see the building before it is done” 

There were a wide range of fun activities including programming electronic drum patterns, designing a logo, sling race, egg drop and much more!

“We dressed up in the jobs we wanted to do”

“What I have done today was very fun”

Alongside the activities, there were information stands in the ‘marketplace’ where children could ask questions at the information stands to find out more about different local careers.

All students also had a motivational talk from Stephen Seki during the day and other motivational speakers to close the day which has set many students up to think positively and clearly about their future.

“I learnt that if you try you can do anything” 

“The best thing was the bit when we saw Stephen and talking about never giving up”

“Don’t give up on your dreams”

The event was very successful and positive with all people involved feeding back compliments about how beneficial it has been in guiding and encouraging students to think about what their career might be as they approach their GCSEs.

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