• FAQs for Adult Students

    A member of the South Devon College help & support staff

To help put you at ease, here are some frequently asked questions surrounding adult training.

Q. Can I study English and maths at South Devon College?

Absolutely! Refreshing or developing your skills in English and maths can have a significant, positive impact that lasts a lifetime. The ability to read and write confidently is essential in a variety of careers, but can also benefit you greatly in your day-to-day life and open up possibilities you hadn’t previously considered.

Q. Will people on my course be a similar age to me?

Don’t worry, we don’t have an upper age limit on our adult courses, therefore groups tend to be varied. If you are coming to study on a full time vocational course it is likely you will also be learning alongside some of our 16-18 year old students. Studying among students with a varied age range is a great way to diversify your social circle and gain an enriching experience!

Q. Can I undertake an apprenticeship if I am over 19?

Of course! It is an assumption that apprenticeships are only for people under 18, however we find that most employers value the experience and dedication of older students. The biggest barrier tends to be the way; however some companies are willing to pay more than the national living wage for the right candidate. With an apprenticeship, you are most likely to be able to progress within the company once your apprenticeship has finished.

Q. As an adult can someone help me decide which course is best for me?

Yes, our award winning matrix accredited guidance team are here to help you make the right decision that is best for you. We can assist you every step of the way to give you the right information and advice that helps you to choose a course that suits your ability, interests and long term goals. We understand that stepping back into education or employment can be a huge one to make and we want to make sure you are supported with this move so that it is a positive experience.

Q. Is there any financial assistance available as an adult to help you study at South Devon College?

We have a dedicated financial welfare team within the Helpzone that can look at funding options; depending on your current circumstances and the course you are looking to study. We can advise and support you to apply for  bursaries to help with tuition fees, childcare costs, and travel support.

Q. Am I eligible for an Advanced Learner Loan?

An Advanced Learner Loan is a great way of accessing funding for your tuition fees when no other support is available. It is not means tested, which means all those who fit the eligibility criteria get to take advantage of the loan.

Q. What facilities do you have on site?

The Vantage Point Campus in Paignton has several eating areas. These outlets provide a variety of options for all tastes. We also have a shop on site which sells newspapers, snacks, sweets, drinks, stationery, toiletries and pharmaceutical provisions. You will also have access to our fantastic resources including the Learning Resource Centre which provides a quiet area for study and access to IT and support with lots of study resources.

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