• Choosing South Devon College

Deciding to leave school doesn’t have to be a difficult decision. It is important for you to explore all of your options and that’s where we come in.

We are here to provide you with the key information you need to make an informed decision about your next steps.

Why choose South Devon College*

  • 712,000 16 to 18 year olds choose to study in colleges (compared with 424,000 in maintained school and academy sixth forms)
  • Joining college will give you more free time as you are rarely in college every day. This gives you the time to study at home and get a part-time job if you wish. 
  • There are 313,000 people on apprenticeship provision in colleges. We offer over 40 training routes and work with over 1,000 employers.
  • Apprenticeship achievement rates are higher in FE colleges than private training providers. South Devon College has an above national average achievement rate for apprenticeships.
  • 171,000 16-18 year olds students in colleges are doing A Level courses.
  • 672,000 students in colleges are taking STEM subjects.
  • Employers view college leavers as better prepared for work than school leavers aged 17-18. We support everyone with impartial advice and guidance to get them on the right course to achieve their goals. 
  • 151,000 students study higher education in a college. We are the only college in South Devon where you can start at entry level, and leave us with a degree! 

If you would like to find out more, get in touch today.

*Based on College Key Facts 2017/2018, Published by the Association of Colleges

Alternatives to staying at school

The government have extended the law in which all young people in England are required to continue in education or training until they are 18 years old.

This however doesn’t mean that you must stay in school. You can choose from:

  • Full-time education (such as college, school or home education)
  • An apprenticeship or traineeship
  • Part-time education or training combined with:
    – Employment or self-employment for 20 hours or more a week
    – Volunteering for 20 hours or more a week

Here at South Devon College, we offer all of these options!

We believe in providing individuals with the best opportunities for development through extraordinary teaching and support to enable them to reach their potential and successfully achieve their goals.

Impartial and professionally accredited Careers Advice and Guidance is available to you at any time through our Helpzone. Please call 08000 380 123 for more information and a friendly chat about your future.

For our existing students, our Helpzone team are always on hand to discuss your future with you and give you the advice you need to get you where you want to be.

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