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At South Devon College, our priority is to help you achieve your goals and begin a successful career in your chosen sector. We have a dedicated team of professional, qualified staff, who attend to your individual needs and provide you with the best possible experience.

COVID-19 Response for 20/21: 16-18 Tuition Fund

Young people across the country have experienced disruption to their education because of coronavirus. The Government has recognised that young people from vulnerable and disadvantaged backgrounds may be among those who have been most affected and to support this have allocated funds to schools and colleges. South Devon College will use the 16-19 tuition fund to provide small group tuition to students and groups of students who are in scope for this funding and who require additional teaching or support to get them back on track with their learning this year.

The fund will be used for small group (less than 5 students) and 1:1 tuition in English, Maths, academic and vocational learning for 16 to 19-year-old learners. This tuition will be in addition to the planned study programme hours. Tuition Support offered will be based on an individual need’s assessment, the identification of an individual starting point, clear learning goals, expectations and outcomes.

Information, Advice and Guidance

Our Matrix-accredited Helpzone offers free, impartial careers information, advice and guidance to both students and members of the public. Our friendly and professional team have a wide knowledge of every area of the College and provide impartial advice, so that you can be sure that your best interests are met.

Personal Tutors

All full-time students at South Devon College have a dedicated Personal Tutor, to make sure the support you need to successfully complete your studies is in place. Personal Tutors will discuss your work and assist with any study problems, and also advise on careers or personal problems that may arise.

Our Helpzone Team can assist you with:

  • Exploring your career choices (even if you’re unsure where to start!)
  • Writing and developing your CV
  • Your UCAS application for university
  • Finding part-time work alongside your studies
  • Preparation for job interviews
  • Further courses of study
  • Financial support
  • Finding the right course for you, and exploring your options

Our team is located on the top floor (level 3) of the main building, just inside the main entrance. Why not drop in and for a friendly, impartial chat about your future plans? Alternatively, you can contact us:

Information, Advice and Guidance Statement

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