South Devon College is embarking on an ambitious and exciting plan to extend and significantly enhance its buildings and facilities over the next 15 years to improve the education, skills and training offer for the local community and wider area.

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Since the College moved to Vantage Point, the local area has changed significantly, including major developments at the adjacent White Rock and Yannons Farm. The College’s proposals will build further on the already positive relationship with these sites and their neighbours, whilst respecting the close relationship the campus has with the countryside.

The first phase of development is proposed on the adjacent Syntech site, consisting of a leading edge and inspiring new Hi Tech Centre of circa 5,000 sqm. The development will be contained broadly within the existing developed area at the Campus, and as such will primarily constitute brownfield development and infilling and improvement of this established site. This will enable the College to vacate the ageing leased building on the adjacent Devonshire Park site, S Block, which is of similar size.

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