• Governing Body Meetings

Governing Body

The Governing Body meets four or five times a year, and meetings last 2-2.5 hours. The Governing Body also meets twice a year for Strategic Planning meetings.

A minimum individual attendance at Governing Body meetings is currently set at 85%. This target is reviewed annually.

Governors are expected to sit on at least one Committee of the Governing Body. Currently, the Governing Body has the following Committees:

Audit Committee

Audit Committee is responsible for monitoring the College’s internal controls and management systems, for providing advice to the Governing Body on the effectiveness of these systems and for providing a medium for communication with the Corporation’s auditors.

Quality, Teaching, Learning and Assessment Committee

Quality, Teaching, Learning and Assessment Committee is responsible for ensuring student success, progression and satisfaction is maximised with continuous review and improvement of strategies, policies, procedures and data relating to quality, teaching, learning and assessment.

Remuneration Committee

Remuneration Committee is responsible for considering all matters relating to the Senior Post Holders (SPH) of the Corporation, reviewing and determining the policy on remuneration, advising on the specific remuneration packages and receiving annual appraisals.

People and Resources Committee

The People and Resources Committee is responsible for making recommendations to the Governing Body on the annual estimates of income and expenditure, financial monitoring, and approving broad College policies relating property/accommodation. It also reviews and approves policies including Equality and Diversity, and Health and Safety. The Committee is also responsible for approving major external contracts, which are consistent with the College’s Strategic Plan.

Search and Governance Committee

Search Committee is responsible for making recommendations to the Governing Body on the nomination of candidates for appointment as members of the Governing Body in accordance with the Instruments and Articles of Government and to recommend policies and procedures for such appointments. The Committee also considers and advises the Corporation on the composition and balance of the Governing Body and its Committees.

Minutes of Governing Body meetings can be obtained by emailing the Clerk at: lisa.keay@southdevon.ac.uk.

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